Go into the wilderness on a clear night and look up. Look long. Then you will have seen something of Faêrie.. . .


... into Cecilia's music

Like her namesake St. Cecilia, the patron saint of music, Cecilia has an affinity with melody and song. As a child she studied piano and learned to read music. As a young adult she was a vocalist and musician in two eclectic folk bands - 'Murphy's Law' and 'Still Frogs Despite Kisses'. Her instruments were keyboard, guitar and percussion. She also made a solo CD.

'The Pocketbook' is an abstruse and haunting song composed and arranged by Bill O'Connor, with vocals by Bill and Cecilia.

'Separated by Time' is composed, arranged and sung by Cecilia. She was inspired by hearing a passionately botanical friend mention that she would have liked to meet Sir Joseph Banks, and by her own reflections on what it would have been like to meet the poet John Keats. Could it be that time itself separates us from our soul-mates?

'Mary Chapman'. This is Cecilia's original instrumental composition, played by virtuoso violinist Rob John, with whistle by Nick McKenzie. Click here to listen