The Ill-Made Mute official audiobook


Kim Bretton, narrator

Click on the audiobook cover (above) to listen to a sample audio clip. Or click here!
The Ill-Made Mute audiobook was first published in 2024.

It’s available at Booktopia

and Kobo

Librería Porrúa (MX): (MX):
La Feltrinelli (IT):
Mondadori (IT):
Bol (NL, BE):

More retail outlets coming soon. Note that this is the only official, author-approved audiobook!


It’s the narrator who breathes life into a book. 

Kim Bretton is an acclaimed, award-winning British Voice Over Actor, with an impressive client list and an easily recognizable voice. Operating from the prestigious HarpethSound Studio in the vibrant city of Nashville, TN, Kim is the go-to choice for clients seeking top-notch voice over services. Her commitment to providing competitive rates and lightning-fast turnaround times ensures a seamless and efficient collaboration.

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