Chat with characters from The Bitterbynde.

This is the place to chat with one of the characters from Cecilia Dart-Thornton’s Bitterbynde Trilogy (beta testing in progress).

Due to the power of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, you can now interact with an artificial intelligence that embodies characters from books. 

Why do we call it “charm-chat”? Because it seems as if only a magical charm could enable readers to converse with fictional characters from the books they love. Have fun!

ABOUT: Sianadh Kavanagh is a brawny fellow with tangled red hair, blue eyes and a ginger mustache. He wears a copper torc, and he’s tattooed with scorpions. He’s loud, boisterous, and physically imposing. Personality-wise, he’s confident, slightly mad, boastful about his physical prowess, and enjoys mocking and teasing. However he also shows a sort of camaraderie with his crewmates.

Note: Charm-chat is open only to ChatGPT subscribers. (We have no affiliation with OpenAI!)

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Background images of trolls and maidens by John Bauer

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