Choose your favorite book format

You can enjoy the Bitterbynde Trilogy as print books, audiobooks or ebooks (coming soon).

In print, you can choose from 2 hardcover versions and 2 paperback versions.

* Hardcover: cloth-bound with dust-jacket

* Hardcover: ‘case laminate’ with gloss finish

* Paperback: with gloss or satin finish

Simply ask your bookstore to order it for you, or search online for the format you prefer.



THE ILL-MADE MUTE case laminate hardcover ISBN 9780645948721

THE LADY OF THE SORROWS case laminate hardcover ISBN 9780645948738

THE BATTLE OF EVERNIGHT case laminate hardcover ISBN 9780645948745


THE ILL-MADE MUTE audiobook ISBN: 9780645948776


THE ILL-MADE MUTE jacketed hardcover ISBN 9780987575401 

THE LADY OF THE SORROWS jacketed hardcover ISBN 9780987575418 

THE BATTLE OF EVERNIGHT jacketed hardcover ISBN 9780987575425


THE ILL-MADE MUTE paperback, gloss or matte finish ISBN 9781925110531

THE LADY OF THE SORROWS paperback, gloss or matte finish ISBN 9781925110548

THE BATTLE OF EVERNIGHT paperback, gloss or matte finish ISBN 9781925110555


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